Competition 100 Octane Unleaded Racing Gasoline

This product information was provided to PSP courtesy of 76 Performance Products, Yorba Linda, California

76 Competition 100 UnleadedRacing Gasoline is formulated from high octane gasoline blend stocks and selected additives. It is highly resistant to detonation. Its low vapor pressure quality provides protection gainst vapor lock. Mid-range volatility is carefully controlled to give excellent warm-up, acceleration, and driveability. The composition of this fuel is carefully controlled to deliver consistent, reproducible quality, allowing precise engine tuning for maximum performance.

76 Competition 100 Unleaded Racing Gasoline burns clean, leaves little or no deposits, and allows maximum engine power to be developed. The high quality stocks used in this gasoline make it very stable and resistant to gum formation. A multifunctional additive package cleans up dirty carburetors & fuel injectors, and keeps intake valves clean. Antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors promote stability and longer shelf life. This gasoline does not contain any metallic additives or alcohols.

Competition 100 is a high quality unleaded gasoline designed especially for the performance enthusiast who wants a high octane fuel. It is suitable for both racing and high performance street vehicles. It will not harm catalytic converters or affect the oxygen sensors. It has an octane rating (AKI) of 100 and can be used in engines with compression ratios up to 14 to 1 with aluminum heades and 13 to 1 with cast iron (Webmaster's Note: need hardened seats)

Drag strip testing of this gasoline has shown improvement of 4 mph and .05 seconds when compared to 92 octane gasoline in a Buick Grand National.

76 Competition 100 Racing Gasoline meets all State and Federal requirements for CARB Phase II and EPA reformulated gasoline (RFG). This product is legal for sale in all 50 states.

Blending examples for increased octane

Webmaster's Comment: Pontiac engines with a compression ratio exceeding 10 to 1 may benefit by increasing octane via blending. The matrix above shows 76's 92 unleaded pump gasoline (left column) blended with Competition 100 Unleaded. For example: 10 gallons of 92 with 10 gallons of 100 yields 20 gallons of 96 octane gasoline. Same ratio of blend at 5:5 or 1:1. One additional note: Unleaded fuels can work with older cast iron heads. However, hardened seats will prevent valve recession. Blending may be an alternative to refitting those older high compression Pontiac engines with dished pistons or lower compression heads.
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