Headers and Applications
We all go through it! At some point we make a decision to get rid of those cast iron log exhaust manifolds and go for the gusto and the increased power provided by tubular headers. Headers enhance power. Headers are like buying a good pair of shoes except you don't get to slip them on and off to see if they fit good and give the proper appearance and function before you buy them. In August of 2004 I solicited information from Pontiac enthusiasts about their headers. The provided information and testimonials about their headers. The information provided may be helpful to you.
Year and Car Model Transmission D-port Round Port #
1964 Tempest Wagon TH-400 yes no 19
1965 GTO TH-400 yes no 1
1966 GTO Post Coupe 4 Speed no Edelbrock 2
1967 Tempest Convertible TH-400 no 197 HO 3
1967 Lemans TH-400 yes no 4
1968 Firebird TH-350 yes no 5
1968 Catalina Yes yes no 6
1969 Firebird Yes yes no 7
1969 GTO 4 Speed no 197 HO 8
1970 Firebird yes yes no 9
1971 Lemans TH-400 yes no 10
1970 LeMans Sport TH-400 no Edelbrock 11
1970 Trans Am TH-400 no Edelbrock 12
1975 Firebird Yes yes no 13
1978 Trans Am TH-350 yes no 14
1979 Trans Am 4 Speed yes no 15
1979 Trans Am 2 Speed yes no 16
1979 Trans Am TH-350 yes no 17
1981 Trans Am (400 engine) yes yes no 18
1 Posted by John C. on August 2, 2004, 5:40 pm, in reply to "Re: Headers and Application"

Engine: 462
Heads: 1968 #16 D-Ports
Car: 1965 Tempest/GTO
Transmission: Automatic ( turbo-400 )
Headers: Hooker Super Comp.
Part# 4106
Tube size: 1.75"
Finish: Bare
Cost: $250 ( wholesale ) last year
Fit: They were a mother to install. No clearance issues, no linkage problems, no oil filter problem, no a/c ( I took it out )
2 Posted by Bob with the 66 on August 3, 2004, 11:55 am, in reply to "Headers and Application"

Engine: 455 .030 over, Eagle Stroker kit, 9.5 c/r.
Heads: Edelbrock 87cc Street ported
Pontiac Model: 1966 GTO Post Coupe
Transmission: Muncie 4 speed
Header: Indian Adventures
Part Number: n/a
Tube size: 1 7/8"
Finish: Ceramic (Airborn coatings)
Cost: $500.00
Fit: Passenger side no problems, driver side 4th tube ran into frame, needed to be cut, replaced and welded. Just started process of pulling engine for some new modifications and am not looking forward to putting the headers back in. Oh, the knuckles!
3 Posted by Nasty on August 2, 2004, 11:05 pm, in reply to "Re: Headers and Application"

Engine: 462
Head: 197 HO
Model and year: 67 Tempest Convertible
Header: Heddman
Part Number: 35130
Tube Size: 1.75
Finish: Light Rust
Cost: $350.00 5 yrs ago
Fit: very well, needed to dimple #4 tube just a tad to clear upper A-Arm. Go on Ez,, I know hard to believe. Full size starter and oil filter. Can remove both with headers in place.
4 Posted by Kendall on August 3, 2004, 11:14 am, in reply to "Headers and Application"

Engine: 1965 389cid 2bbl
Head: d-port
Pontiac Model and Year: 1967 LeMans
Transmission: TH400. Car was originally Stick
Header: Hooker
Part Number: Hooker Competition #????
Tube size: Don't know
Finish: Alumacoated
Cost: bought used
Fit: Poor. Install was near impossible. Using short WIX filter and end up dumping oil all over the header trying to get it out. Full size starter with heat blanket. Had to dent the snot out of them to get them to fit. Had to cut an upper a-arm mount bolt .5inch to clear a tube. 3/8 ARP SS manifold bolts were only way to get headers installed. My car is running low-profile tires in front and I'm always bouncing the headers off the ground.

If I had it to do over again, I'd use the RA Reproduction manifolds as I'm not racing this car.

5 Posted by Nacho on August 2, 2004, 5:48 pm, in reply to "Re: Headers and Application"

Engine: 455
Head: d-port
Pontiac Model and Year: 68 Firebird
Transmission: Auto - TH350
Header: Doug's
Part Number: D569
Tube size: 1.75" and 3" collector
Finish: Chrome
Cost: $340
Fit: Very simple to install -- much easier than my old 3 tube Thorley headers. The passenger side header collector is about 3 inches from the floorboard-so some fabrication is required to run proper clearance on your piping. I am very happy with these headers -- no discoloration like the previous Thorleys.
6 Posted by John-Henry on August 3, 2004, 10:42 am, in reply to "Headers and Application"

Engine: 455
Head: d-port 6X-8
Pontiac Model and Year: 68 Catalina
Transmission: Auto
Header: Hooker Super Comp (for Firebird)
Part Number: Don't remember (in Iraq right now so can't reference yet)
Tube size: 1.75 (I think)
Finish: None
Cost: $700 (included new 3" pipes throughout)
Fit: Lots of mods. Engine had to be moved 1" back, lifted 3/8" on passenger side and 5/8" on drivers side(so motor mount modification). Driveshaft had to be shortened 1" since engine was pushed back. After this the headers on passenger side didnot need denting, however driver side needed denting around the powersteering pump.

Also my Cat is lowered so I welded on 1/4 steel plate to the bottom to protect the headers.


7 Posted by Scott on August 2, 2004, 9:26 pm, in reply to "Headers and Application"

Engine: (455)
Head: (d-port)
Pontiac Model and Year: (1969 Firebird)
Transmission: (Auto)
Header: (Heddman)
Part Number: (35270)
Tube size: (Eg 1.3/4")
Finish: (None)
Color Cost: (under 200.00)
Fit: (Your basic pain in the butt header install but no banging or denting to install.)
8 Posted by Mike J on August 4, 2004, 2:25 pm, in reply to "Headers and Application"

Engine: 1971 455 HO
Head: roundport 197
Pontiac Model and Year: 69 GTO
Transmission: Super T-10 4-spd
Header: Heddman
Tube size: 1 5/8" primary, 3" collector
Finish: Ceramic Jet coated
Fit: Turned into a bit of an effort considering it is a 4-spd, though sales guy said they would bolt right up. Turns out the countershaft on the clutch linkage which mounts to the block at one end and to the frame at the other could not fit through the primary tubes and line up (too thick). Sales guy must have had an auto trans. So anyway fabricated a new countershaft using an old chisel. I know...sounds a little bush but it works great now and probably the strongest part of the entire clutch linkage. Also...could not fit regular oil filter in place...instead use a WIX #51522 (longer/thinner) and screws right into place. Lastly...using header bolts with a 3/8 head rather than 7/16 head makes a world of difference.
9 Posted by Steveo on August 3, 2004, 7:57 pm, in reply to "Headers and Application"

Engine: 455+.030
Head: d-port
Pontiac Model and Year: 70 Firebird
Transmission: Auto
Header: Hooker
Part Number: HOK-4901
Tube size: 1 5/8 in" x4
Finish: None
Cost: Cheap
Fit: No problem, although I had to lift engine a bit to clear on the pass. side.
10 Posted by Jim Filak on August 2, 2004, 5:35 pm, in reply to "Re: Headers and Application"

Engine: 462
Head: d-port
Pontiac Model and Year: 71 Lemans
Transmission: TH400
Header: Dynomax
Part Number: #86114
Tube size: 1 5/8"
Finish: ceramic coated
Cost: Cost $ 260 at Summit
Fit drives side: Fell into place
Fit passengers side: Not horrible, but not like the drivers side. Close to the oil filter but I am using a ford oil filter (oil cooler line adapter plate used) so I can't say about a stock application. For both sides a couple of bolts were a bit trickey. I have not started the car since the installation so for the performance, I don't know.

I am also using the Flowmaster 2.5 exhaust system and they both tuck up nicely under the body. Looking at the side of the car from a distance you can't see the exhaust pipes, nice and clean looking.
11 Posted by Allan Lockridge on August 2, 2004, 7:06 pm, in reply to "Headers and Application"

Here's mine

Engine: 462
Head: E-Heads 87cc
Pontiac Model and Year: 70 Lemans Sport
Transmission: TH400
Header: Hooker Super Comp
Part Number: #4201
Tube size: 2"
Finish: ceramic coated
Cost: Cost $ 600
Fit: Tight installation. Plenty of clearance under the car. No modifcations made to headers. Extra tight near the oil filter. No problem with linkage. Had to install mini-starter, and had to modify the A/C box on the firewall for correct fit. Oh, and had to move the brake line, too close to the headers.
12 Posted by Steve Coombes on August 3, 2004, 10:54 am, in reply to "Headers and Application"

462 cu in
1970 Trans Am
TH400 trans
Headman #35150 race headers
2-inch primary
Car was previously clearanced for headman 1-7/8" size. However my suggestion would be to pre fit before you have your headers coated.
13 Posted by roy on August 2, 2004, 9:42 pm, in reply to "Headers and Application"

Engine: 428
Head: d-port $#16
Pontiac Model and Year: 75 Firebird
Transmission: Auto
Header: Hooker
Part Number: Hooker Super Comp #4109 -1
Tube size: 1.75"
Finish: Ceramic
Cost: $549.00
Fit: Easy Up and fit like it should.
I found it helps to use small head header bolts. These ceramic coated headers were a replacment for same uncoated (but repainted once a year) Originals lasted almost 19 years of daily driver activity. (About 335K miles from original purchase)
14 Posted by RiverRat on August 2, 2004, 6:23 pm, in reply to "Headers and Application"

78 Trans Am: Power steering no A/C
400 w/6X heads "D" port
200-r4 trans, originally a TH350 there
Summit P/N SUM-G9020, 1 5/8", 80 bucks
No problems to install, must use small oil filter such as NAPA 1522. No coating.
Installed by laying headers into engine bay, lower motor into bay, fasten headers.
Can be removed and installed after motor installed if enough ground clearance, may have to remove filter and starter.

One slight problem - forgot to mention!

Posted by RiverRat on August 4, 2004, 7:34 pm, in reply to "Headers and Application"

The nuetral/park safety interlock to the ignition on my 78 T/A with auto trans consists of a complicated set up using offset rods and linkages that could not be used with the headers. Rather than "mess around" with it - I decided to not use it. As a result, it is possible to start my car in gear. Not a very good situation but it suits me to always remember to make sure car is in "Park" before starting. I forgot to mention this and it would be something needing attention.

15 Posted by Bill Boyle on August 2, 2004, 5:03 pm, in reply to "Headers and Application"

Engine: 400
Head: d-port
Pontiac Model and Year: 79 Trans Am
Transmission: Stick
Header: Hooker Super Comp
Part Number: #4109
Tube size: 1.75"
Finish: bare
Cost: Cost $ 200 in 1982 (Part number still available)
Fit: Tight installation. Plenty of clearance under the car. No modifcations made to headers. Extra tight near the oil filter. No problem with linkage. No problem with AC unit.
16 Posted by Larry Navarro on August 2, 2004, 10:33 pm, in reply to "Headers and Application"

Head: D-port
Pontiac Model and Year:'79 T/A
Transmission: 4 speed
Header: Heddman
Part Number: 28150
Tube size: 1 3/4"
Finish: Aluminum coated after purchase
Cost: $75(new in box swap meet special)
Fit: very good, easy to install, adequate ground clearance on lowered chassis
17 Posted by Erich on August 4, 2004, 8:37 am, in reply to "Headers and Application"

79 Trans Am
455 pontiac engine
d-port heads
Hooker Super Comps (not sure what model# or pipe size, the ones off Summit site for pontiacs that are Super Comps)
No finish

I have very marginal automotive knowledge, although not by choice. I helped to install my new engine, and installed the headers myself by lowering them alongside the block as it was dropped in (not bolted on). Then once engine was tight and set in place, bolted up the headers.

The factory black paint burned off immediately and smoked like mad upon initial break-in. They now have a thin rust coating lol, but look okay. Made no mods at all, fit like a glove, even for a novice. A few bolts were accessed from under the car, but most I could get to from above. Considering I am a huge amateur, I consider a 1 hour install time VERY reasonable. Should take someone with experience probably half that.
18 Posted by mel on August 3, 2004, 1:01 pm, in reply to "Re: Headers and Application"

Model/Yr.:'81 TA
Header:Hooker SC
Part #:4109
finish:ceramic and peeling
Fit:had muffler shop do the install,took them a full day to put them on.
19 Received my Mark Isacc on November 3, 2004:

Engine:  455 .060 over
Heads:  1971 #96 unported d-ports
Pontiac model and year:  1964 Tempest wagon
Transmission:  THM 400 column shift linkage
Header:  Doug's
Part number:  D564
Tube size:  1.75
Finish:  HPC ceramic
Cost:  $600
Fit:  Raised engine and driver's side went right in.  Passenger side hits
on lower control arm bushing mount.  Clears as you drop engine.  You have
to bend the lower dipstick tube slightly to clear flange.   Stock oil
filter or the thin Cadillac filter will work.  No starter clearance problem
with mini-starter.  I used the 5/16 head stainless header bolts, no leaks.
The cylinder #5 and 6 bolts were easier to install than Super Comps.   No
linkage interference and excellent ground clearance.  3" exhaust  with X
crossover, only picked up 0.10 compared to RA manifolds.