"It's a race car with a license plate," says owner Alex Brooks. His 1969 Lucent Blue Grand Prix sports a VFN fiberglass hood and is powered by a 400 Pontiac block displacing 417 cubic inches. The GP is equipped with CE race shocks on all corners, Moroso springs up front, and "Ground Grabber" traction bars from Indian Adventures in the rear. The car weighs 3630 pounds.
Block 1970 400 +.060; 2 bolt mains with stud kit
Bore/Stroke 4.182" x 3.79" (417 cid)
Deck Height zero
Heads Edelbrock 72 cc, 2.11"/1.77"; SS valves street porting, head studs; all headwork by Jim Butler Performance
Valve Springs Butler
Retainers Butler
Keepers Butler, 10 degree
Seals Butler
Rocker Arms Butler 1.61 to 1 ratio roller rockers
Pushrods Comp Cams 9.35" x 5/16"; .080" wall
Lifters Ultradyne solid roller
Crankshaft Offset ground rod journals yield 3.79" stroke with 2.20" journal; mains 10/10 undercut
Balancer TCI Rattler
Piston Rods Eagle steel 3D 6.80" set up for 2.20" journals
Pistons Ross flat tops with single valve trough, 134 gram pins
Rings Total Seal Gapless
Main Bearings Clevite 77 (Clevite)
Rod Bearings Clevite 77 H series
Cam Bearings Clevite
Camshaft Ultradyne solid roller; 262/270 @ .050"; .599" lift with 1.61 rockers and .026"/.026" lash; degreed on 102 centerline (LSA is 108 degrees); valve timing 43 degrees btdc 72 abdc, 84 bbdc 39 atdc
Timing set Edelbrock double roller
Gaskets Butler's gasket set; Mr. Gasket #503 intake and #551 round port exhaust
Intake/Carb Edelbrock Performer RPM port matched to heads; 1.0" open spacer and BG Gold Claw 875 cfm carb
Fuel delivery Mallory 140 and 4 port regulator with return, set to 5.5 psi, #8 braided line for pick up and return lines; Fram HP cartidge fuel filter
Exhaust Hooker; 2" x 30" long primaries with 3.5" collector; 3" pipes into 3 chamber Flowmasters out 3" pipes
Ignition MSD 6AL, MSD crank trigger routed through a gutted GM HEI; Taylor wires and Autolite plugs
Oil Pump Melling 54D; 20-25 psi at idle 60-70 psi at speed
Oil Kendall GT1, 20w-50
Transmission GER built THM 350; 10" 3800 stall converter; B&M Pro Ratchet shifter; TCI Automotive Flex Plate
Rear End/Gears GM 12 bolt with 4.11 gears and Eaton unit; Moser axles and cap girdle
Other All reciprocating parts balanced
Power Dynoed at 496 ft/lbs torque @ 4300; 519 hp @ 6300
ET/speed Maiden voyage--1/8 mile track: 7.618 @ 92.26; 60' time of 1.758 seconds (ambient temperature 93 with 85% humidity).

First 1/4 mile run [92 degrees with high Florida humdity]: 11.629 @ 117.27 mph; 60' time of 1.702.

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