Greg Miller makes me laugh! He refers to his black-primered 1970 Firebird as Frankenstein (the monster) because he adeptly assembled it from many salvaged parts. Just like Victor Frankenstein did, Greg Miller applied good theory to make his creation come alive. As a result it runs faster than those frightened villagers in the Frankenstein movies. In May of 2005 Greg participated in the 2nd Annual Pontiacs in the Park event held at Virginia Motorsports Park in Petersburg, VA. I was there and I saw Greg's monster run. "Frankenstein" is deceivingly quick. Car and driver made it to the quarter finals (rain shortened the final runs).
Just like the Boris Karloff monster pictured to the left, Greg's Firebird is pretty raw--and he loves it that way. Greg believes in substance not cosmetics. Anyone doubting the seriousness of the car's performance (because of its look) will be startled by its quickness.
Greg's stroker 400 engine provides the power and the tricked out suspension puts it to the ground. Greg submitted his engine to PSP for inclusion into the 1 to 1 Club. Induction was a "no brainer." The bird runs in the mid 10s. Greg Miller resides in VA.
Block 1976 400 block
Bore/Stroke 4.155" x 4.25" (461 cid)
Deck Height .000 (zero)
Heads Edelbrock 87 CC heads, 2.19" intake and 1.77" exhaust valves; Ported by Central Virginia Machine Services, 310 cfm on intake
Rocker Arms Harland Sharp 1.65
Pushrods Comp Cam Magnum
Lifters Comp Cam solid lifters
Crankshaft Eagle 4.25" stroke/ 3" journals
Balancer Pioneer SFI approved
Piston Rods 6.8" Eagle H beam
Pistons SRP
Rings JE file fit
Bearings Clevite H Series (rods); Fed Mogul 3/4" grove on mains; Durabond cam bearings
Camshaft Comp Cam P8 4877B R 106 solid roller lifter; valve adustment .018 intake/ .020 exhaust; gross valve lift with 1.65 ratio .641 intake/ .649 exhaust; Duration at .015 292/297; Valve timing @ .050; Int Opens 21 BTDC, Ex Opens 56 BBDC, intake closes 53 ABDC and exhaust closes at 24 ATDC; cam installed 106 CL; duration @ .050 254 intake/ 360 exhaust; lobe lift .389" intake and exhaust
Timing set Comp Cams True Roller
Intake/Carb Edelbrock Victor, port matched and water cross over separated from intake AED 950 HOM (Modified HP950)
Fuel System Aeromotive A1000 return regulator with 8AN lines
Gaskets Felpro
Water Pump CSR electric
Exhaust Hooker Super Comps 2" primary with 3.5" collectors; Pypes X crossover without mufflers
Ignition MSD distributor with Crane Hi 6 spark support limited to 6600 rpm
Oil Pump Melling, modified by Central Virginia Machine Service
Oil Valvoline 10W-40
Transmission TH400, race prepped, BTE reverse manual valve body
Rear Gears Richmond Gear 3.89
Fasterners Mostly stock, ARP head studs
Chassis Mods Art Morrison weld in subframe connectors; Art Morrison double adjustable ladder bar kit with coil over shocks; Fab 9 Ford 9" housing, Moser center section with Moser 35 spline axles; Detoit Locker unit
Suspension Competition Engineering front drag shocks (80/20)
Tires/ wheels MT Front runner 26.5 x 5 on Weld 15 x 5 Draglite rims; MT ET Street Radial 295 -65 on Weld 15 x 10
Brakes Stock disc, front; drums in rear
Car Weight 3200 lbs with driver
ET/speed Best ET to date: 10.37 @ 128.58 mph: launch at 1200, shift at 6000, trap rpm 6300
The stroker engine was built by Jim Lehart at Central Virginia Machine Services, Burkesville, VA
Launching at 1200 rpm, shifting at 6000 rpm; trap rpm 6300 with 3.89 gearing

This was last updated on 6 October 2009 and is current information.

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