Thomas Evans' 1969 Trans Am

Year: 1969; Model: Trans Am; Color: white with blue stripes; Engine: +.030 400 c.i. Ram Air III (running Ram Air II heads); custom round port 2"x3 1/2" headers by Nunzi, Performer RPM Intake, 830cfm Holley B/G Series carb, Harland Sharpe 1.5 roller rockers, Ram Air IV cam, Holley Blue race pump set at 6.5 psi., TRW Forged pistons, HEI distributor, MSD 6AL with 6000 rpm limiter; Trans: M-22; Interior: black

Usage: weekend driver

Plans: to install the1970 455 HO with E-Heads that I'm building.

Acquired: 1995

Thomas Evans
Oahu, Hawaii

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