Jason Steverson's 1967 GTO

Year: 1967 GTO; Color: Linden Green; (Its coded to be Tyrol. The previous owner painted it green). Interior: Parchment (original); Engine: 455; 400 THM, His/Hers shift; 3" exhaust with Flowmasters.

"I bought the car 7 years ago and swapped the original 670 400 engine and the 10 bolt rear for a 11 to 1 455 and a 12 bolt posi with 4.11s. Lots of fun and broken parts after that. Today it has 10 to 1 compression with 3.42 gearing. I also pulled off the Welds and Hoosiers and put on some Rally IIs."

Owner: Jason Steverson, Downsville, La