Brian Norris' 1974 Formula

Year : 1974; Model : Formula Firebird; Color : Red; Engine : 350 2bbl; Interior Color: Black; Usage: Fair Weather Driver; Acquired : July 1974

Restoration : Front frame and engine/trans removed in 1992 for general clean up and repainting. Exterior repainted in 2000.

Plans: Swap out 350 2bbl for a slightly aggressive 400 or 455 4bbl.

Update August 2008: Brian wrote PSP and stated: "This month I installed a 400 motor from a '72 Grand Prix. I installed a 2801 Summit cam and 1-3/4" Hedman Headers. What a difference a few cubic inches makes in performance. LOL. Bought the 400 and a 455 off of a guy and had plans on using the heads from the 400 on the 455. The seller insisted the 400 ran well and had less that 80K miles on it and didn't smoke.

I decided I needed a little "fun" in my 54 year old life and decided to install the 400 and enjoy it while I build the 455. I have Jim Hand's book and look forward to building the 455 using his book and your site as guides.

I have never posted on your site (Restoration Forum) but I read it pretty much every day. Reading the posts on your site keeps me interested in the Pontiac hobby and steers me clear of some of the pitfalls associated with buying and building engines, and tuning our cars.

Thanks for keeping a great source of information available to us all."

Owner/Driver: Brian Norris (original owner) Flushing, Ohio

[Webmaster's note: Thank you Brian for the update and the very kind words.]

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