Lee Atkinson's 455

The 455 that powers Lee Atkinson's 1967 Firebird has been discussed on the Performance Years and The Classical Pontiac Bulletin Boards in past years. This is a streetable 455 engine in a light bodied (3650 lbs with driver and roll bar). The Firebird turns high 11s in the 1/4 mile. Lee can be contacted at : 67bird@symet.net

Technical Data
Engine Block: 455 with 2 bolt mains
Bore and Stroke: 4.15" x 4.21"; bored + .060"
Heads: #16 heads with SI stainless steel 2.11" and 1.77" valves (ported by Lee) with 45 degree intake seats; aluminum filled cross-over on center exhausts
Deck Height: zero deck height (.000")
Valve Springs: dual springs
Rocker Arms: Harland and Sharp 1.65 roller rockers, with 7/16" rocker studs and 7/16" poly lock nuts
Retainers: stock
Keepers: stock
Valve Seals: O-ring on exhaust, umbrella on intakes--Fel Pro
Lifters: Comp Cams
Push Rods: stock
Crankshaft: stock reconditioned, .020/.020 under; journal polished
Rods: stock reconditioned
Rod Bolts: Milodon
Pistons: TRW forged +.060, dished to lower compression to 9.92:1
Rings: moly--Sealed Power (Federal Mogul)
Main Bearings
Rod Bearings
Cam Bearings:
Clevite (Michigan) 77
Timing set: double roller
Gaskets: Sealed Power 260-1025 kit
Camshaft: Ultradyne, 231/239 intake / exhaust @ .050"; advertized duration 288/296 intake/ exhaust; .526" lift intake / .550" lift exhaust; 108 LSA
Intake Manifold: Performer RPM with .5" cut in divider at secondary opening
Carburetion: Holley 750 DP
Fuel Pump: Mallory 140
Exhaust: Headers of unknow manufacture, 1.75" primaries and 3" collectors; 3" pipe running through 2-chamber Flowmasters with balance pipe
Ignition: Dave's Small Body HEI distributor conversion, MSD E-core coil
Oil Pump: stock
Transmission: TH-350; Hughes custom "3000" stall converter (flashes at 3200 rpm)
Rear End: 3.42 gearing
Race Weight:  3650 with driver; roll cage and safety loop

Performance: In it's present configuration, Lee has driven the Firebird to a best time of 11.77 @ 113.6 mph (hot humid weather) in 2000.


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