Greg Norvell's 1968 Firebird 400 Stroker

Persistence and diligence are two words that properly describe Greg Norvell's efforts. Greg believed his 400 stroker rebuild was a contender for 1 to 1 Club honors. With a barage of data submitted for the judge's review, the judges believed that Greg's engine was on the threshold of making it into the club. However, being close was not enough. Greg took the disappointing news graciously and set out to reassess his Pontiac engine. There were a few things he could do and one involved tuning his engine for more performance.

Greg's effort paid of in the end. Upon resubmission of more facts, proof of his engine's power ---lower ET and higher mph through the traps--Greg's 455 was elected into the 1 to 1 Club.

Technical Data

Block: 1968 YT 400; bored .030"
Bore/stroke: 4.155 x 4.25"/ 461 cubic inches
Deck height: zero
Crank: Eagle 4.25" stroke with 3" mains; JBP 872031 SFI approved
Rods: Eagle H beam 6.800"
Piston/rings: Ross dished pistons
Heads: 1968 # 16 with Ferrea 2.11"/1.77" valves; Comp Cams 995 dual valve springs with damper, set at 1.700" installed height; 76 cc chambers
Camshaft: Comp Cams XE274, 230/236 intake/exhaust @.050", .488" lift on intake/ .491" lift on exhaust
Push rods: Comp Cam 7786
Timing set: Summit True Roller SUm 86612
Intake/carb: RPM ported to match heads with .5" cut plenum divider on secondary side;
Fuel pump: Holley, 110 gph set at 4.5 lbs
Cooling: Be Cool module assembly BCI 82168
Lubrication: Sealed Power high pressure, SLP 224-43364S, 20 lbs at idle; 10 W-30 Mobile 1 synthetic oil
Ignition: MSD billet distributor, MSD 6A ignition, 15 degrees initial with31 total mechanical at 2000 rpm; MSD 8 mm spark plug wires
Exhaust: 15/8" Hooker Competition Headers, Flowmaster 2.5" with H pipe, tail pipes exit behind rear wheels
Drivetrain: THM 400 with TCI shift kit and TCI 11" low stall 2000 rpms
Rear End: Currie Ford 9" with 31 spline; 3.25 gear with Auburn posi unit
Suspension: Stock leaf springs rear with help from Competition Engineering's bolt-on subframe connectors # CEE 3112
Tires/Wheels: Front: 15" x 8" Snowflakes with BGF TA HR4 215/60x15: Track 15' x 8" Bart with 26 x 10.5 MT ET Streets
Gasoline: unleaded pump gas
Weight: 3700 lbs with driver
Performance: See here