Mike Good resides in Roy, Utah. His 1967 GTO was 400 powered until his stroker rebuild jumped the displacement to 467 cubes.

Mike submitted his engine for induction into the 1 Club. Upon review he proved his engine develops in excess of 1 hp per cubic inch of displacement.

Mike's engine is inductee #3. The technical data is below.

Congratulations to Mike for outfitting his GTO with all that power!

Dyno report

Technical Data

Block: 1969 YD 400; bored .060"
Bore/stroke: 4.185 x 4.25"/ 467 cubic inches
Deck height: zero
Crank: Eagle 4.25" crank with Romac SFI approved dampener
Rods: Eagle 6.800"
Piston/rings: Ross pistons
Heads: D-Port KRE aluminum, 85cc chambers; ARP head bolts; CAT SS 1.65 roller rockers
Camshaft: Crower hydraulic #60919; Comp 852-16 lifters
Push rods: Comp Cam
Timing set: Rollmaster billet
Gaskets: Felpro 1016 head gaskets, 1233 intake gaskets, 1436 exhaust gaskets, all others standard Fel-Pro
Intake/carb: Edelbrock RPM Q-jet by Ruggles
Fuel pump: Aeromotive A-1000 electric pump, 10AN to regulator, 8AN to Q-Jet carb 10 and 100 micron fuel filters
Cooling: CAT water pump
Lubrication: Melling 54DS
Ignition: MSD READY to run distributor MSD 6AL box, MSD Blaster II coil. Initial timing set at __ degrees, 30 degrees total mechanical
Exhaust: Doug's headers, 3" Pypes system with X crossover running through 18" Xlerator mufflers
Drivetrain: Heavy Duty Race prepped TH-400, Original 8.2 rear with custom 8.8 Ford carrier w/ 31 spline axles. Webmaster's Note: Mike plans to swap out to a 8.5 rear with 3:42 gears after he tries the 4:10 gears at the track in 2005; it will be more highway friendly.]
Rear gears: 4:10 gearing
Suspension: Complete Hotchkiss set up. Front tubular upper control arms,1 1/8" anti-roll bar. Front spindles from 77 chevelle malibu with 11"front disc brakes. Rear Hotchkiss upper and lower control arms with factory frame support brackets, stop hop bars, 1" anti-roll bar. KYB shocks front and rear. Drive shaft safety loop. Heavy duty Hotchkiss springs front and rear . 11" rear drum brakes. Car lowered appx. 2"
Tires/Wheels: 16 "x 8" Boyd Vertigo Aluminum wheels with custom back spacing for max tire width. Firestone "Z" rated tires, 225/50/16 front, 255/50/16 rear, Separate 8" rims with MT ET 255/50/16 Drag Radials for track time in the summer of 2005.
Gasoline: unleaded pump gas
Weight: Exact weight unknown
Performance: Currently untested...more to come
View the dyno run.