Brian Baker's 455

Brian Baker's white 1979 Trans Am originally came with a 403 Olds engine. Today there's a modified '74 455 Pontiac engine sitting under the hood. The TA is Brian's daily driver. The 13.00 second dial-in appearing on the windshield reflects what this car will do on an average day at the strip. (12.90s are not uncommon). By the way, the TA is a race and show winner. At an all Pontiac race event held at the Maryland International Raceway in Budds Creek, Maryland this past spring (1998), Brian won his class and then drove the TA to King of the Hill honors by being constistent--he knows his car. At an all Pontiac car show this past September, the car won First Place in the "daily driver" class.

Brian's a die hard Pontiac guy and he has graciously provided the information below. Thanks, Brian for your participation.

Technical Data

Engine Block: 1974 Pontiac 455 with 2 bolt mains
Bore and Stroke: 4.15" x 4.21"; + .030" over, 462 cubic inches; one cylinder sleeved
Heads: '77 6x heads measuring 98 ccs; home ported by Brian (bowls blended, casting flash removed from ports, exhaust ports polished (smog bump not removed); exhaust seats enlarged to 1.77"; stainless steel valves; stock guides; 7/16" screw in studs
Deck Height: info in not available
Valve Springs: Butler double springs installed @1.700"
Rocker Arms: Harland-Sharp roller rockers
Retainers: stock
Keepers: stock
Valve Seals: O rings
Lifters: Comp Cams anti-pump up
Push Rods: Chrome Moly 9.20"
Crankshaft: Stock, journals polished, balanced; oil hole chamfered; ARP bolts; mains have .002" clearance
Rods: Stock, reconditioned; magnafluxed and shot peened; beams polished; clearance at .0025"
Rod Bolts: ARP
Pistons: JE .030" over with light weight forged pistons/ light weight wrist pins
Rings: top ductile/ 2nd moly
Bearings: All bearings are Clevite 77
Timing Gear and Chain: double roller with 3 slot keyway
Gaskets: Fel Pro engine set, Felpro header and collector gaskets
Camshaft: Custom grind Comp Cams with 237 intake/ exhaust @0.50"; 288 advertised duration intake/exhaust; 112 degrees intake centerline; installed 2 degrees advanced; .531" lift with HS rockers
Intake Manifold: Edelbrock Performer with intake gasket matched; heat risers blocked
 Carburetion: '73 750 cfm Q-jet with Jones Stage 2 prep; 78 jets/49 rods primaries, BG rods secondaries
 Fuel Pump: Stock AC-Delco replacement pump from 73-74 SD 455 with 3/8" fuel line from the tank
 Exhaust: Hooker Super Competition headers (1.75" primaries with 3" collector),
 Ignition: Stock HEI with MSD Blaster 2 coil and MSD 6AL with limiter set to 5600 rpm; control module removed from HEI and bypassed utilizing the 6AL as the trigger; Moroso Blue Max 8mm spiral wires; AC R45 plugs @ .045" gap; initial timing set 14-16 degrees, total timing set to 34 degrees--in by 2800 rpm
 Oil Pump 60 PSI pump, HD drive rod; screened windage tray (fromWarrior); Nunzi's adapter eliminates the oil filter housing; 8 AN steel braided line to remote filter mounted on passenger side in front of wheel well
 Transmission: TH-400 with HD sprags and clutches, modified with shift kit, 2500 rpm convertor (flashes to 2700-2800); auxillary cooler mounted in front of radiator and A/C condenser; shortened stock driveshaft to work with TH-400
 Rear End: 3.23 gearing in stock 8.5 " 10 bolt limited slip unit with stock C-clip axles (no traction bars or other traction control devices)
Suspension / tires: BF Goodrich 245/ 60 x 15s on the street; McCreary G 60s on the rear at the strip with 15-18 pounds of pressure depending on track conditions
Vehicle Weight: Approximately 4000 pounds with driver
Performance: A best of 12.81 seconds with "cheater" slicks at 107 mph;
best ET with McCreary street G 60s was 12.84 @ 106 mph

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