David Kawallek's 455

David Kawallek's TA is another example of a strong running mid-west Pontiac. With assistance from fellow "Pontiaker" Jim Hand, who races at the same strip, David coaxed this baby into the high 11s this spring. [Check performance update in red.] David graciously provided the following information about his engine. (Photos take by Tom Hand). Dave, thanks for sharing this great info with us. [DKawallek@aol.com.]


Technical Data
Engine Block: 1972 Pontiac 455 with 2 bolt mains
Bore and Stroke: 4.15" x 4.21"; + .030" over, 462 cubic inches
Heads: 6X D port heads with Ferrea stainless steel 2.11" intake and 1.77" exhaust valves (ported by Dave with assistance from Jim Hand and Kevin Flahrety from K & M Machine); 9.8: 1 compression
Deck Height: .012" (below the deck, of course)
Valve Springs: Jim Butler # 052b dual springs with damper
Rocker Arms: Jim Butler 1.52 roller rockers
Retainers: stock
Keepers: stock
Valve Seals: teflon type
Lifters: Jim Butler
Push Rods: Jim Butler (Competition Cams Chrome Moly) 9.20"
Crankshaft: Stock, journals polished, balanced
Rods: stock untouched except for resizing big ends
Rod Bolts: Milodon 190,000 psi
Pistons: TRW L 2359F +.030
Rings: Speed Pro moly rings
Bearings: All bearings are Clevite 77
Timing Gear and Chain: Edelbock double roller, 3 key way
Gaskets: Fel Pro engine set, Felpro header and collector gaskets
Camshaft: Ultradyne: 239 intake, 247 exhaust duration @.050": 296 intake and 304 advertised duration. Lobe separation 110 degrees. Installed at 103 intake lobe center. Lift is .514" intake and .537" exhaust. Rough idle.
Intake Manifold: Performer RPM with .5" cut divider at secondary opening
 Carburetion: 800 cfm Quadrajet assembled by David; idle tubes modified by Jim Hand .075" primary jets with .044" rods; .018" secondary rods.
 Fuel Pump: Holley with regulator set at 5.5 pounds pressure. Maintains 5.5 pounds during wide open throttle. -8 stainless steel braided hose to regulator and -6 from regulator to carburetor
 Exhaust: Hooker Super Competition headers (1.75" primaries with 3" collector), Dr. Gas 3" crossover into Flowmaster 3 chamber 3" mufflers; Torque Technologies' 3" tail pipes; Update: Walker Race Magnums substituted for Flowmasters
 Ignition: Stock HEI triggered by Crane Hi-6 ignition box. MSD cap and rotor. Accel 300+ race wires. Advance modified to be in by 2500 rpm; total advance is 31 degrees; there is no vacuum advance; Update: lightweight mini starter replaces stock unit
 Oil Pump Melling M54DS; use Mobil One 10-30 synthetic oil
 Transmission: TH-350 with modified separator plates for firm shifts. High Stall Continental torque converter.
 Rear End: 3.42 gearing in stock 10 bolt limited slip unit. South Side Machine lift bars
 Suspension / tires: Competition Engineering Drag shocks front and rear. Old rubber: Hoosier 28"x9"x15" slicks. New rubber: MT ET Street 28"x12.50"x15"
Vehicle Weight: Approximately 3800 pounds with driver; Update: fiberglass hood substituted for stock TA hood

Performance: Best Quarter Mile elaspsed time this spring: 11.97 seconds @ 113.13 mph; 60 foot time: 1.70 seconds. Update: 11.81 @ 115.22; 60 foot time, 1.68 seconds. Perfomance varies slightly depending on the weather and track conditions.


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