Floyd Hand's 455

Fellow Pontiac enthusiast Floyd Hand made additional performance gains in 2002. Check out the changes made to his powerful 455.

Technical Data

Engine Block: 1973 Pontiac 455 with 2 bolt mains
Bore and Stroke: 4.15" x 4.21"; bored .030" to accommodate forged pistons with moly rings
Heads: #7K3 heads with TRW stainless steel 2.11" and 1.77" valves (ported by "Hand")
Deck Height: zero deck height (.000")
Valve Springs: Comp Cams 995
Rocker Arms: Harland Sharp 1.65 rollers
Retainers: stock
Keepers: Crower 11/32" +.050
Valve Seals: Fel Pro SS 70014 neoprene umbrella seals, intake only
Lifters: Rhoads variable duration, PN 9518
Push Rods: stock
Crankshaft: stock turned .010/.010 with polished journals; all reciprocating parts are balanced
Rods: stock untouched except for resizing big ends
Rod Bolts: ARP
Pistons: TRW forged +.030
Rings: moly--Sealed Power E 300K stock type
Main Bearings
Rod Bearings
Cam Bearings:
Clevite (Michigan) 77
Timing Gear and Chain: TRW single roller
Gaskets: standard Fel Pro builder's set, except with custom header gaskets made from Mr. Gasket flat gasket material
Camshaft: Wolverine WG 5059--234/244 degrees intake/ exhaust duration @.050; advertised duration,300/310 intake/exhaust; .536" lift intake/ .561" lift exhaust with 1.65 rockers; 112 lobe separation angle; cam installed with intake at 107 degrees per manufacturer's recommendation. Smooth idle with Rhoads lifters, 13.5 vaccum in Drive at 750 rpm. (Note: rough idle with standard hydraulic lifters)
Intake Manifold: Edelbrock Performer RPM with secondary divider cut .50". Left divider intact for better low rpm throttle response
Carburetion: Q-jet built by Cliff Ruggles--.073" primary jet with tapered second step rod with .025" tips. Use from .030 to .044 secondary rods depending upon weather
Fuel Pump: Holley 802 pump and regulator set at 3.5 pounds pressure; 1/2" fuel line from tank to regulator, 3/8" to carb. 5 gallon fuel cell installed with cutoff switch between regular tank and cell. Installed Perma-cool 1 quart fuel filter between tank(s) and pump
  Exhaust: Hooker Super Comp 1.75" four tube headers into 3" Dr. Gas Crossover through X but reduced to 2.5" out into two 25" Walker Ultra Flow mufflers exiting through Flowmaster's mandrel bent tail pipes out the rear
  Ignition: stock HEI with GM 990 module, and external Accel coil on distributor. Stock type resistance spark plug wires from Auto Zone. AC R44TS plugs gapped @ .048. Mechancial advance in at 3000 rpm, and inital timing set at 12, for a total mechanical advance of 30 degrees, plus 15 degrees vacuum advance
  Oil Pump: Melling M54DS, max of 60-70 pounds of pressure when warm, 20-30 pounds @ idle; 10W-50 synthetic oil 
Transmission: TH-400 with Trans Go Shift Kit; manually shifted at 5500 rpm. High stall torque ratio Continental converter
  Rear End: 3.42 gearing in 8.5" 10 bolt
Suspension / tires: Boxed lower control arms, front sway bar, stock type springs and adjustable rear shocks. Cragar Superlites--6" front with stock street radials, 8" rear with Mickey Thompson 10.5 x 28 slicks.
   Safety Mods 6 point chrome moly roll bar with driver's swing out bar, drive shaft loop, Moroso long wheel studs with open nuts and fire extinguisher
Vehicle Weight: typically about 3775 pounds in race trim with driver. With listed weight saving steps, weight with driver is approximately 3750 in race trim


Performance: 11.57@ 116.09, 1/8th time was 7.33 at 93.22 mph, 60' time 1.58 seconds. Conditions: excellent. Runs were made wth a DP Holly carb. The following ET was with Q-jet: 11.76 @ 114.56, 1/8th mile time 7.48@92.48, 60' time 1.68 seconds.

Floyd Hand's previous engine specifications


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