Jeff McDonald's 468 Powered 1970 Formula

Jeff McDonald is a big Pontiac fan. He owns a 1970 Formula Firebird and recruited SD Performance to build his 455 engine. Jeff got the works! Dyno numbers revealed 588 hp at 5800 rpm and 607 foot pounds of torque at 4300. Not too shabby for a streetable engine which pulls 13 inches of vacuum at idle. Jeff provided numerous photos to include with this feature, too many to publish, so we sorted and selected several to highlight Jeff's car and new engine.

Technical Data

Block 455
Bore/stroke 4.185" x 4.25" for 468 cubes
Deck height NA
Crank stock 1977 455 crank off set ground to 4.25" stroke; 20/10; journal resized for BBC rods
Rods Eagle 6.8" BBC rods
Piston/rings Ross dished pistons that provide 10.25 static compression
Heads Edelbrock 72 cc aluminum heads race ported by SD Performance; 2.19" Ferrea SS intake valves and 1.77" SS exhaust valves; pushrod holes offset .25"; head flow at 28" of water--330+cfm at .700" of lift; Yella-Terra 1.65 off set shaft rockers
Camshaft Comp Cams mechanical roller, 51-751-9; #288R; 244 degrees intake and exhaust; lift .550" both valves on a 110 degree LSA 244@ .050"
Push rods Manton
Timing set NA
Gaskets NA
Intake/carb Ported Holley Street Dominator intake with 900 cfm Holley FI
Fuel pump NA
Cooling Milodon aluminum water pump
Lubrication Melling oil pump
Ignition Recurved HEI distributor with Accel HEI coil and MSD 6AL adjustable timing control
Exhaust Hooker 2" primaries, 3.5" collectors; 3" exhaust tubing through 2 chamber Flowmasters
Drivetrain THM 400 with 11" converter and TCI flex plate
Rear gears 12 bolts with 3.73
Suspension Front: Lakewood drag 90/10 drag shocks, 50/50s in the rear; home built Cal-Trac design traction bars
Tires Centerline 15/7 Fluted Stars with BFG 215/65/15 up front and 15/10 Fluted Stars with Hoosier QT 295/50/15 in back
Other Canton Road Race oil pan with windage tray and scraper
Safety 6-point roll cage; 2" x 2" hollow tubing for weld in sub frame connectors
Performance Not tested at the strip
Yes folks, that's fuel injection! There's also a nitrous system in place. Dyno figures were run with carb and no funny gas.