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If you've ever met Jerry Brock you immediately know that he's not a newcomer to drag racing or to Pontiac power. He knows everyone it seems. He's had great fun and a lot of success the last few years campaigning his potent 1979 Pontiac wagon. In 1988 Jerry felt it was time to put a little muscle between the fenders and installed a mild 400 engine. The new found torque propelled the wagon to the mid to high 14s. Not bad for a fully equipped 4210 pound vehicle...but Jerry wasn't satisfied. In 1995 he installed a 455 engine that really made Jerry's "sleeper" a go-getter. The silver and gray wagon has seen plenty of quarter mile asphalt. He estimates the 455 has launched the wagon 600 times down the strip, and logged 17,000 street miles since 1995. To quote Jerry, "the car is driven far, and often, to cruises, shows and club events." [When things get hot down in the pits, or on the highway, Jerry simply cranks up his AC to stay cool.]

While the wagon has seen it's share of car shows, Jerry's real passion is drag racing. He has proven time and again that that a consistent 13 second Pontiac can win often. For example, Jerry won the Royal Pontiac Club Drag Series points championship in 1994, 1997 and 1998. (He was the runner-up in 1996.) In addition, he piloted the wagon to the final round at Milan, Michigan 5 out of 7 times this year, winning twice. He was also the runner-up at the Indianapolis All-Pontiac event in 1996, and runner up at Cordova, Illinois, in 1996, at the POCI convention event. In 1997 and 1998, the wagon fought its way to the quarter-final round in the "Footbrake Class" at Jim Butler's event. Noteable accomplishments for this unpretentious wagon...wouldn't you say? Updated tech info in red. Jerry's email address is:

Technical Data
Engine Block: 1974 Pontiac 455 with 2 bolt mains
Bore and Stroke: 4.15" x 4.21"; + .030" over, 462 cubic inches
Heads: Update: 6x-4 heads at 92cc; 2.11" and 1.77; 7/16" studs; "street ported" by KRE; 150@ .20, 198@ .30, 230@ .40, 238@ .45, 244@ .50, 252@ @ .55, 254@ .60 (intake); .133@ .20, 178@ .30, 203@ .40, 210@ .45, 215@ .50, 219@ .55, 219@ .60 (exhaust) (28" H20); RA 4 length SS valves
Deck Height: +.003 (yep, above the deck)
Valve Springs: Comp Cams # 995-16 dual springs
Rocker Arms: Comp Cams Magnum Roller Tips; 1.52 to 1
Retainers: Comp Cams Steel Super Locks 10 degree # 740-16
Keepers: Comp Cams # 613-16
Valve Seals: positive teflon intake and exhaust
Lifters: Comp Cams 857-16 rollers lifters
Push Rods: Crane 5/16"
Crankshaft: Stock, journals polished, balanced
Rods: stock untouched except for resizing big ends
Rod Bolts: ARP
Pistons: TRW L 2359F +.030 forged
Rings: Speed Pro moly rings
Bearings: All bearings are Clevite 77
Timing Gear/ Chain: Edelbock double roller, 3 key way
Gaskets: Fel Pro full engine set, Felpro exhaust manifold #1424; Perma Torque head gaskets
Camshaft: Comp Cams roller camshaft: 230 intake/ 236 exhaust @ .050" with 112 lobes separation angle degreed in at 108 degrees intake centerline.
Intake: Edelbrock Performer RPM
Carburetion: 750 cfm Quadrajet; .075" (#75) primary jets with .047" (#47) primary metering rods; .018" secondary rods.
Fuel Pump: Carter P4601hp 15 psi electric fuel pump; Holley regulator set for 6 psi fuel pressure running through stock 3/8" fuel line
Exhaust: Ram Air Restorations reproduction with 2.5" outlet; all 2.5" mandrel bent pipes feed to Dr. Gas X crossover into Walker 2.5" Race Magnum mufflers exiting at rear bumper
Ignition: HEI distributor using the pickup only; MSD 6A ignition with MSD Blaster 2 coil; Accell cap and rotor; Motorcraft plug wires; Autolite #84 plugs set at .045"; initial timing set at 8 degrees, 22 additional centrifical advance in by 2600 for a total of 30 total mechanical advance. Vacuum advance is 14 degrees
Oil Pump Melling High Pressure 60 pound; 30-40 at idle; 10w-30 Mobil 1 Synthetic; Fram filter
Transmission: TH 350 (built by Jim Buehler of Toledo, Ohio) with B&M Holeshot 2400 converter; shifts normally under street conditions, and shifted manually at the strip.
Rear End: 1985 Buick Grand National 8.5" "ten bolt" limited slip with 3.42 gear ratio
Suspension / tires: Cooper Cobra P235/60R-14 mounted on 14 x7 Pontiac Rally II rims on front and rear. M&H 265/55-15 Street Master DOT legal race tires on the rear that are mounted on 15 x8 Corvette Rally rims.
Vehicle Weight: Approximately 4210 pounds with half a tank of 94 octane pump gas, full interior, spare, jack, and Jerry at the wheel

Dyno Numbers
Dyno pulls by KRE
 RPM  Torque  Horsepower
 3100  490.8  289.7
 3600  521.6  357.5
 4000  521.4  397.1
 4400  519.4  435.1
 4500  514.3  440.7
 4800  503.2  459.9
 5000  487.3  463.9
 5200  470.1  465.4
 5400  448.9  461.5

For more dyno numbers click here.

Performance: Best ET to date was 12.609 @ 107 mph at Maple Grove, June 99; MPG=14.34 highway driving with the AC on.


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