Power means little unless it can be harnessed and Corey Thompson is putting all the key components together to make it work on his 1970 Firebird. With over 1 horsepower per cubic inch of displacement, his 400 stroker engine is powering his Firebird down the 1/4 mile in just under 10.50 seconds. Realizing that stock components are not capable of handling the high torque his engine makes, Corey has taken great efforts to improve the frame, driveline and suspension of the car. Corey's race engine was recently inducted into PSP's 1 to 1 Club (2009). The engine and components are featured below.
Block 1972 400 block
Bore/Stroke 4.155" x 4.25" (461 cid)
Deck Height .000 (zero)
Heads Edelbrock 87 cc, 2.19" intake/ 1.77" exhaust ported by CVMS
Rocker Arms Harland Sharp 1.65
Pushrods Comp Cams Magnum
Lifters Comp Cam solid roller lifters
Crankshaft Eagle 4.25" stroke/ 3.00" journals
Balancer Pioneer SFI approved
Piston Rods 6.8" Eagle H beam
Pistons SRP
Rings JE file fit
Bearings Clevite H Series (rods); Federal Mogul 3/4" grove on mains; Durabond cam bearings
Camshaft Comp Cam XE Solid Roller /242 intake/248 exhaust @.050"; set at 106 degrees intake centerline
Timing set Comp Cams True Roller
Intake/Carb Edelbrock Victor, port matched/ water inlet separted from intake; AED 1000 HOM
Fuel System MagnaFuel Pro Star 500 cell; -12AN from cell to pump,-10AN from pump to regulator; dual -6AN to carb
Gaskets Felpro
Water Pump Mezzerine electric
Exhaust Hooker Super Comps 2" 3.5" collectors, 3" x 18" extensions
Ignition MSD Pro Billet distributor, MSD SS Blaster coil, MSD 6AL Ignition box, MSD 8mm wires, running 33-38 degrees timing (locked) – 6700 rev limiter
Oil Pump Melling modified by CVMS
Oil Shell Rotella T 10w-40
Transmission TCI 400 THM race prepped, Coan 10" converter, 4700 stall
Rear Gears Richmond Pro Race gears 3.73
Fasterners ARP bolts and ARP block studs
Chassis Mods Strange Engineerin 4 link backhalf weld in subframe connectors, Strange coil over shocks S-60; Dana 60 rear with spool and Strange 35 spline axles
Suspension Front QA 1 GM coilover with QA-1 race single adjustable shocks
Tires/ wheels MT Front Runner 26.5 x 5 on Weld 15" x 5 Draglite rims; Rear MT 28 x 10 x 15 drag slicks on Weld 15 x 10 Draglite rims
Brakes Stock disc brakes in front and Wilwood disc untst in the rear
Safety 10 pointt roll cage, 5 pointt harness, on-board Safe-Craft fire system
Car Weight
3250 lbs. with driver
ET/MPH Best ET to date: 10.49 @ 127.26
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