Technical Articles
Pontiac Block Displacements
Block Identification

Selecting a Hydraulic Cam...a guide to help you pick the right cam for your engine by Bill Boyle
Cam Quick Reference Guide
Degreeing your cam
Comp Cams 270H...for the street

Compression...the relationship between cylinder pressure, compression and detonation
Compression Ratio Calculator

Twisting Force...Jim Hand's in-depth information on converters for your musclecar
Centerforce Clutch Applications....get a grip, don't waste that torque

Engine Assembly Tips
Sealing up the Pontiac...Jim Lehart provides expert guidance

Myths about Unleaded Gasoline
Benefits of 76 Competition 100 Octane Unleaded Racing Gasoline
Competition 100 Octane Unleaded Racing Gasoline

Pontiac Heads...PMD heads from 1959 through 1979
Head Identification...helpful information to make your life easier
How to Identify Pontiac's Small Chambered 6X Head
High Ratio Rocker Arms...Jim Hand addresses how a higher ratio effects engine performance
Rocker Arm Adjustment
How to Determine Good Valve Train Bill Boyle

Headers and Exhaust
The Strong Silent Type...another Jim and Tom Hand expose on performance exhaust
Headers and Applications--testimonials from Pontiac enthusiasts...what works
Headers: Solving An Oil Filter Clearance Problem

Changing the Advance Curve on HEI...recurve your advance curve for improved performance by Jim Hand
HEI Conversion...Dave Hoekenga explains how to convert from points to HEI
Sense of Timing...targeting your car's sluggish performance...Bill Boyle discusses problems discovered with a malfunctioning HEI distributor

Edelbrock Performer EGR Intake Swap...swapping out the stock "dimpled" EGR intake...Bill Boyle discusses

Miscellaneous Subjects
Deja Vu: Chief #1 Royal Pontiac....take a peek at a restoration in progress
1939 Pontiac Street alternative rod (Pontiac) with Pontiac power
Vacuum Line Routing for 1979 TA 6.6...key data to keeping that smogger on track
Installing the rear galley oil plug with the engine in the Mike Barker
Reflections on the F-body: Camaro and Firebird...end of an era

Technical Jim Hand. Jim addressess...compression, cams, tune-up, cooling, limted slip and many other areas of interest (off-site articles of value).

Oil /Lubrication

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