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Clutch operation:

The dual friction has a slightly different pedal feel than the stock set up, which is particularly noticeable when disengaging. Extra pedal effort is required at the end of the travel, that is, close to the floor. However, release is smooth and there is not any clutch chatter, a symptom routinely experienced with the OEM. Engagement is very fluid. Hold is sensational.


Centerforce and Pontiac Engine Applications



 input shaft

 disc p/n  Centerforce I  Centerforce II

 Dual Action

 T.O Bearing

'77-79 400
'70-75 455


 1 1/8"-26  384148




 '71-76 350 & 400


 1 1/8"-26  384161




 '67-70 400


 1 1/8"-10  383271




 '65-66 389


 1 1/8"-10  383271





Note: Always check with Centerforce concerning your specific application.
[This information was complied from the company's 1998 catalog.]


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